Dr. Franck Dumeignil 2015

Dr. Franck Dumeignil

Franck Dumeignil, IUF, FRSC, is currently Professor at the University of Lille, France, and Deputy Director of the Unit of Catalysis and Chemistry of Solid (‘UCCS’, UMR CNRS 8181).

He is specialist of biomass-derived platform molecules conversion to high value added compounds through the development of processes based on heterogeneous and hybrid catalysis.

He coordinated the large-scale FP7 EuroBioRef project aiming at designing next generation integrated biorefineries, and is currently involved in biorefineries national projects (e.g., P.I.V.E.R.T., REALCAT).

He has co-authored over 90 scientific articles, 25 patents, and ca. 300 presentations (oral and poster) in national and international conferences.