Presentaciones 2019

plenary speaker

Biobased aromatics – challenges, hurdles and opportunities


Environmental impact of crops and agricultural residues as feedstocks for bio-based product development

Acceptance of bioenergy in Chile – an empirical analysis of public opinion

Reducing the Cost of Consistent, High-Quality Feedstock from Biomass

A sustainable supply chain design for phase III biorefinery: a Colombian case study

BIOCODE: Towards a novel and sustainable biorefinery concept based on green technologies for main commercial grain crop residues


Effects of Pinus radiata pine seed oil consumption on murine model: Evidence of a new functional alimentary additive for the control of diabetes


Phenolic resins derived from medium boiling fraction of fast pyrolysis oil – application as wood glue for non-load-bearing wooden materials

Ecofriendly adhesives based on pine bark extracts

Sustainable Biomaterials for wood panels adhesives


Algae based biorefineries: boon or bane? Lessons learnt from a decade of research and demonstration units worldwide

Functional biomaterials from macroalgae: Experiences from the laboratory to the field

Modelling the effect of environmental conditions on microalgae’s growth during continued culture


Biorefinery: macro, micro and nanocellulose fibers from forest and agro-industrial waste

The role of the degree of polymerization of cellulose in the deconstruction of the cell wall for obtaining cellulose nanofibrils (NFC)


Pyrolysis of post-consumer plastics waste

Combustion of refined renewable biomass fuel (RRBF) in a fluidized bed


Active biobased packaging for protection of food products

Bioplastics – Facts and Myths

Toughening of PLLA by various poly(caprolactone-co-(D-lactic acid)) copolymers

Physicochemical characterization of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate produced by Bulkholderia xenovorans LB400

Synthesis and process engineering of glycerol based polyesters as toughness enhancers for commercial bioplastics

New Biodegradable compound intended for forest industry


Carbon Products from the Biorefinery: Graphite and High Surface Area Carbon

Preparation of photoluminescence carbon dots from renewable liquid sources by hydrothermal synthesis

Pyrolysis processing of animal manures for producing valued- added biochar and energy

Microwave assisted hydrothermal carbonization: a new option to obtain carbon nanostructures from beet molasses

Carbonization as recycling strategy for carbon and nutrients


Lignocellulosic Biomass and Residues as Potential Substrates for the Industrial Biotechnology

Biohydrogen production from Opuntia co-substrates with an alkaline pretreatment


Pectin optimization extraction from watermellon waste

Role of the extractables of native gymnosperms and their relationship with the natural durability of wood

Efficient strategy based on centrifugal partition chromatography to recover bioactive components from chilean plants and agrofood by-products

Preliminary evaluation of the use of lees generated in the refining of the vegetable oil mixture as a substrate for the production of biosurfactant