Presentaciones 2012

Process Intensification for Advanced Biodiesel Production from Residual Oils.

Do microalgae biorefineries really exist? Concept, applications and future directions.

Effect of the use of mixtures of lignocelluloses on the production of second generation bioethanol.

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor for biogas production and ammonium recovery from spent microalgae.

Lignocellullosic Biomass Conversion to Biodiesel Alternatives for Chile.

Agro biomaterials based on chitosan and starch functionalized with polyphenols from murta (Ugni molinae turcz) leaf extract.

Lignocellulose deconstruction as shown by 2D-NMR.

Assessment of concepts for wheat grain and straw based biorefineries.

Production of long-chain hydrocarbons from bio-based alcohols.

Animal Fat from Knackeries for Liquid Fuel and Chemicals Production.

Valorización de la paja de trigo para la obtención de componentes químicos de uso industrial.

Biocombustible Vehicular a partir de un Subproducto de la Industria de Celulosa Kraft.

DIBANET, Collaboration in Biorefinery Research Between Europe and Latin America.

Waste Tire Rubber Gasification Using Air- Steam for partial oxidation and N2 as CarrierGas.

Torrefacción de biomasa residual en Chile.

Lignin to aromatic compounds. The Base Catalysed Degradation in continuous reactors, a tentative review.

Comparison of several olive oil mill wastewaters as electron donor in a bioelectrical system.

La fibra de corteza de Eucalyptus nitens y su aplicación como refuerzo en biomateriales termoplásticos.

Producción Semi Industrial de Biometanol de Glicerina Procedente de la Oleo industria del Biodiesel.

Sustainability Assessment, Classification and Perspectives of Bioenergy-driven Biorefineries.

Implementing an optimization strategy in real time to improve biological hydrogen production.

In situ transesterification of wet microalgae biomass, influence of process conditions on FAAE yield.

El sector forestal chileno, logros y desafíos.

Detección de genes involucrados en la síntesis de ácidos grasos de la microalga Botryococcus braunii.

Proyecto Bioenercel.

Improvement of lignocellulose degradability using anaerobic rumen fungi.

Procedimiento SATIB‐HPPB y Conversión Energética de la Basura.

CMC-ase Production by the Newly Isolated Myceliophtora sp. I-1D3b in Packed Bed Solid State Bioreactor.

Furans as offspring for broad applications in chemical and polymer industry.

New microalgae biorefinery concept.

Walking the tightrope of bioavailability, Microbial Dynamics on (vapour‐phase) chemicals.

Bagazo de Sorgo Dulce, una alternativa para la producción de etanol de segunda generación.

Analysis and Evaluation of Nannochloropsis sp. as Renewable Source for Valuable Chemicals.

Efecto del contenido de lignina sobre la acetilación de aserrín de madera de pino radiata.

Fractionation of fast pyrolysis liquids for chemical applications, an exploratory study.

How to take an idea from a laboratory to market – Contract R&D organizations.

Enhancing the Biochemical Methane Potential of Microalgae via Biomass Pretreatment.

Hydrogen production and partial characterization of a bacterial consortium obtained from lagoon sediment.

Microbial Community Engineering for the production of chemicals and bioenergy from organic residues.

Structural analysis by ATR-FTIR of pretreated sugarcane bagasse using ozone and ultrasound in order to facilitate enzymatic hydrolysis for cellulosic ethanol production.

Fast pyrolysis to bio-oil production from Botryococcus braunii biomass.

Determinación de un método de dosificación de agentes oxidantes y su efecto en la selectividad de un proceso de pretratamiento de lignina en medio alcalino.

Influence of different operational conditions on the pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass to produce biochar with adsorbent characteristics.

One vision on Biorefinery in Chile.

Desarrollo de contenedores biodegradables para la industria forestal.

The Integrated Biomass Supply Systems (IBSS) Partnership, Technology and Supply Systems for Integrated Production of Advanced Biofuels in the Southeastern US.

The Integrated Biomass Research Initiative, Pretreatment and Conversion Systems for the Production of Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts.

Analytical pyrolysis as tool in biorefinery – related research.

Market orientation in biorefinery research.

Análisis de Ciclo de Vida de Procesos de Co-­Combustión de Carbón y Biomasa.

Formate-assisted fast pyrolysis (FAsP) of woody biomass.